A belt is $14.50 per tail, and includes 1 line of text in English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese. The extra charge for the second line is $6.00 per line.

If we are already embroidering a name on the same tail, there is no additional charge for DEGREE BARS!There is a $12.50 per item charge for customer requested symbols, cross, stars, special initials, etc. per belt tail.

Why is the cost of embroidery per belt tail $14.50? Each name is individually set in English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese. The Korean, Chinese or Japanese setup time is twice that of the English setup. All orders are quality checked, trimmed and packaged for shipment. As in most production facilities, the equipment, and product setups are the majority of the costs.

Shipping and handling is added to the cost of the credit card amount. Pre-paid orders add $14.50 for shipping and handling.